deal or no deal


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i have found two very nice eichnophoras one at my work which is a HOT pink that is 7"x4" for about $50 or so and another that is 7ish inches and is super neon green. like if you go on paint, it is the brightest pre selected green color for $80
is it a good deal for them, im new to eichnophora.:confused:


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I did a google search for eichnophora and there were no results, so not really sure what coral you are talking about. I think your store has it mislabeled.


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I look at it this way, it is a good deal if you know you can buy it and not regret it. I think the coral is awesome and I would pay that much for it easily.


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it might be a echinophyllia and according to Julian Sprung it is sometimes confused with the echinopora. I dont much about either coral though.