deep blue 57 rimless


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Hello all, I currently own a standard 35 gal tank.
I've been looking at upgrading to the deep blue 57 rimless for its width difference and height. ( I can't go any longer.) I want to run a herbie overflow with loc line returns, I will have a custom sump with skimmer heaters, reactors (gfo and carbon) a refugium for interesting creatures and macro algae. My current tank I kinda screwed the overflow with lack of experience. I just drilled one hole near the top of the tank with no overflow box. It's quiet loud to say the least and ugly lol. I recently purchased up a aquatinics TX5 lighting system and I have a single t5 fixture and a double t5 fixture so I have enough lighting for sps.

So my questions are
What's your opinions on the tank?
Has anyone modified the overflow box( take it off and cut it smaller?)
Would the stock overflow set up like a herbie be able to handle 1000 gph so I can minimized powerheads in the display
Thoughts on the TX5 lighting and sps
Other tank options with similar measurements 36*18*20