Derasa growth rates


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I got my first clam, a derasa, about 7 weeks ago. The shell has grown about 1/4 inch in that time and the mantle about 1/2 inch. Is this a decent amount of growth? I am planning on getting at least two more clams and want to make sure that my lighting and feeding are sufficient. I have 2 175w MH lights on a 48" tank, one 14k and one AB 10k (I plan to keep the clams on the 10k side). I also feed DT's twice a week.
That is a real good growth rate IME.

Really hard to determine the growth rate of a clam as it would depend on several things such as lighting, food source and other things.

Here's a pic of one of my deresas. I've had this one for about 3 months and it has grown about 3/4". My other one is much larger so it has onlt grown about 1/4" in about 6 months. I posted pics in this forum back in early March when I first got this clam.