Derasa placement?


Make my Funk a P-Funk
I have had this clam for a few weeks now and it appears to have added almost 3/8" of growth to its shell.

When I first put it in the tank, I left it in that spot for almost a week and then I moved it over and placed it beteen the rockwork and the glass. Whe it extended it's mantel, it almost touched a slight overhang in the rockwork that was beside it. There was about 2" between it and the front glass.

Over the last couple of weeks, the clam has moved itself right up against the front glass. The shell is actually touching the glass.

There is now lots of room behind the clam. It has rotated on its axis a little bit also. I would imagine the clam is attached to the bottom glass, but I have not checked.

The clam is extending it's mantel very nicely, it is just right on the glass.

Should I be concerned? This is my 1st clam.
Derasa's grow quickly. Clams will move mainly motivated by current. Sounds like he's doing great so let him do his thing and keep your calcium up.