Did I kill my live rock?


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I am in the process of curing about 90lbs of live rock for my new tank. I just went out to check it and I went to get a sample of water and when I stuck my hand it the water it shocked the $#%@ out of me! There was a short in one of my powerheads, will this exposer to electricity hurt my live rock?


Unlikely, but it certainly didn't help any. Live Rock is really hardy and very hard to kill completely. What does it look like?

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and its not the live rock you would kill but the organisms that live in or on it, I guess personally I can not say if those were damaged or not, its possible some of them may have, but not likely that all of it did


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You got shocked because your body provided a circuit to ground. Anything in the tank would not so they are probably OK. Replace the powerhead and hook all of them up to a GFI extension cord. Home Depot has them for about $25. Better safe than electrocuted!


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I just took this picture, it all looks similar to this...



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the rock should be fine .

tip on curing rock

add a big pump like a mag 12 to the tank to keep it well stirred to help cure better deeper and faster. :)


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Just a quick note on electricity.....

Like water, electricity flow along the path of least resistance. In this case the path of least resistance was you. I doubt that the current path took it through all of your live rock. I'm not sure what the resistance of the water was, but you're own skins resistance can be as low as 3 ohms.