dip for mushroom ??


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any tips or links for dipping mushroom ?
next week I am getting new ones , this is the third time , first times all the mushroom melted , the water param. are ok , I have bta and a sarcophyton in the tank and they are doing fine
What kind of mushrooms are they? I guess Im not sure what your problem is are you cutting them and that is why you want to dip them or just simply bought new ones and they die when yu put them in your tank? If you are cutting them than try Tech D from Kent Marine that is what I use. If they are dying from putting in your tank then you should test your water something must be wrong. Mushrooms are very hardy you can leave them out of the water for a couple of hours and simply throw them in any tank and they should be just fine. I dont even acclimate any soft coral I buy. Hope this helps.
thanks for the answer
the problem is that they are dying after puting them in the tank
the water sould be ok ,bta is more sensitive to water param. then mushroom , and it is doing fine in my tank !
RBTA/ BTA aren't more sensitive then shrooms they are just like humans some are stronger then others and we are the same race. I just had a $200 rock of purple Disco's "melt" right off there rock for no reason what so ever. The Bright green ones right next to them are doing fine and were not phazed in the least.
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maybe too much light?

I was thinking the same thing but no response as of yet >:?
i had a nice little frag with a couple really cool pink and blue shrooms and some green zoos. My zoos had nudibranchs and i was told that the shrooms would survive the dip (RO water + lugols). Well they didnt. they died. I was ****ed, they were my favorite shrooms.
sorry for the late answer , sme problems with the connection , so photo will be in few days.
my tank is 120x40x40cm
i have 2x 38 w actinic sera deep sea
2x 38 w 12k sera bleu sky
and one 150w mh 14k
fluorescent 10 h
mh 7 h