Disappearing macroalgae


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Hi everyone,

Some of you might remember that I was struggling with an unidentified macroalgae in my tank a few months back. This algae had completely taken over a good portion of the tank, and seemed impossible to beat. The main algae tuft was a large ball about 6" x 5", with other smaller clumps in the vicinity (in a 24" x 18" tank, that's large enough to be bothersome). It grew quickly, and no matter how often I ripped it out, it always grew back within a day or two.

Well, about a month (maybe more?) ago, the unbelievable happened. I woke up one morning to find that nearly ALL of the algae had disappeared. No sign of it anywhere; it was just gone. There were a few clumps of it remaining here and there, but it didn't look healthy; it seemed to almost be dissolving.

By the next morning, it had completely disappeared. I found not a trace of it in the tank, overflow box, or sump. There wasn't even the slightest hint that it had ever existed. A few clumps struggled to regrow a little over the next 2 - 3 days, but by morning they were always gone. The remaining strands would become stringy and loose looking, and frequently parts would break off and dissolve away.

The algae hasn't come back at all. There's not a trace of it anywhere.

None of my corals or inverts showed any signs of stress, and I hadn't changed anything in the tank (to my knowledge). The water always remained crystal-clear.

Anyone ever have something similar happen, or have any ideas on what might have occured? I'm so glad to have the algae gone, but it was definitely a strange occurance...


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When I moved to Columbus December of 05, I moved my nanocube with me. I had horrible algae blooms afterward for a few months. All of a sudden one day I woke up and my tank was crystal clear. I wanted to tear my hair out cuz I was doing everything to get rid of the algae and then it was gone. From what I read it does this once it no longer has the nutrients to feed on but I'll let the experts in the club here chime in and confirm.


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Yah I just went through the same thing after my tank boiling incident but it went away in about 2 weeks it was there when I went to work and gone when I came home. weird things happen!!