DIY kalk driper


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Yesterday I had an eb8 go out on me and sense I had to run the new eb8 cord I finally got off my butt and added to second eb8 so I could hook up my DIY kalk reactor.
My wife got me an air tight pasta container from target or Walmart idk. It hold a little over a gallon of water is all I know. I drilled a hold in the side right under the lid for a half inch bulkhead. I added a T with a 5" down drip tube to the bulkhead. Then I feed a 1/4" ro/di line as a feed line through the top of the T into the container. In these times I was having a hell of a time to find a small pump to mix the kalk slurry. I was looking for a rio90 or even a in-line that was small. I then remembered that I had an old mp10 that was sitting in my fish junk. I took the mp10 and attached it to the side of the container, filled with water and turned on then added a spoon full of sugar to see if the mp10 would mix up the water enough to dissolve the sugar. Yes the mp10 is plenty strong enough to mix sugar in water. Unfortunately the mp10 is way to strong to use as a stirrer. I was hopping that if I used the mp10 at its lowest setting it would mix the slurry enough to saturate the water but not to much that the kalk powder would stay suspended. So I have to use the mp10 as a mixer not a stirrer. This brought me to the conclusion that I need to stop the drip during the mixing process.
O-yea I should mention that in feeding the ro/di into the kalk reactor via gravity feed. My top off is in the laundry room in the second story. This allows my to drip water into the reactor at a steady rate. I wanted to create a steady drip of lime water in the tank instead of dosing lime water multiple times a day like some people do with there top off.
Ok back to the build. To stop the drip during the mixing process I decided to use a 1/4" water solenoid. Now that the mixing and dripping I figured out now for the controlling of dosing kalk. For this I'm using 2 outlets on the apex.
The mp10 is setup as so.

Fallback off
If time 00:00 to 00:01 then on
If time 12:00 to 12:01 then on
If feedB then on

This will turn the mp10 on for 1 min at midnight and noon. The feedB allows me to add kalk to the reactor

Now for kalk dip I did this.

Set on
If time 23:59 to 00:30 then off
If time 11:59 to 12:30 then off
If feedB 030 then off

These codes allow the drip to stop and drip out any extra 1 min prior to mixing the slurry. Then allow the kalk sediment to settle 29 min after kalk mixing. The feedB will turn the drip off for 29min after the mp10 turns off.

Now that the reactor is tuned and ready to go I added it in a spot where the drip will hit a high flow spot in my refuge.
Here we go