DIY Sump questions


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Thanks in advance for any advice...

I am designing a sump in a large plastic container. My question is what do you use to adhere the baffles? I know silicone deosn't adhere to plastics or does it work enough to be used in this situation?

Second, does anyone use filter mat in their sumps instead of bio balls? I have read and believe the surface area of the filter matt is far superior to bio balls and it can be cut to fill the spaces alot better. Anythoughts on this would be great.

Take a look at this thread, it may give you an idea. This guy used glass and plastic, but you can do the same with two plastic containers. I'm now doing a sump with two plastic containers and no baffles. I had a brand new AGA 20H and when putting it into my stand, I dropped it and cracked the corners. Im going to repair the cracks with silicone and eventually use it for something else. I bought a 15" hang-on fuge on ebay to hang onto my sump