Do mantis shrimps form symbiotic pairs?



Is this a troll?

At any rate Mantis Shrimp form symbiotic relationships with human hands. It will think your hand is it's mother.

No, not really. The mantis will eat a goby. The mantis will eat your hand.

Either a Mantis Shrimp or a Shrew is the meanest animal on the planet ounce for ounce. I wonder which one would win a fight!?
There are a few records of burrowers such as Lysiosquillina living with small clearner shrimps. In the burrow entrances of both Lysiosquilla and Hemisquilla I often find ostracods. There is also a snapping shrimp that is reported from the burrow of a squillid.

There are also reports of small Nannosquilids living with the proboscis worm, Balanaglossus, but in this case I think it is just a matter of the burrows being entertwined. Most other cases of stomatopods found in the burrows or cavities of other animals are probably cases where one or the other dove for cover,

I know of no case where a stomatopod and a fish live commensally.

Thanks alot, and no, I'm not a troll, I just have never kept mantis shrimp, and was curious if mantis shrimps would be like pistol shrimps and form a pair with a goby. Thanks again.
A friend of mine has a mantis shrimp that lives in the same hole in a rock as his blue damsel.

I have a mantis that brings food to another one from time to time, but not at every feeding.