Do Yellow Tangs Eat Hair Algae?

my tang would always love Nori....when i got GHA, it was like he looked at it and said, "what, are you kidding me?" ......SOB :lol:
My Powder Brown did. Probably why Ive never had anymore since I got him. Its like the previous posters say.... 50-50 chance they will. Good Luck
It will if it's not fed nori everyday IME.

BTW, I was just watching Silva v. Sakuraba 3 just a minute ago. Chute Boxe and MMA fan here, though I don't roll. Too bad bout Shogun, victim of roid rage.
They do feed (primarily) on filamentous algae and to a lesser degree, fleshy algae. Their species preference often excludes many types of hair algae from the menu.
they will if its not too long. i would rip at patches and see if he nipps at the small roots. still some tangs wont eat it at all.
My Scopas loves the stuff, along with any other macro that grows on the rocks

I switched her to a bigger tank
and I found out that I had a turf algea on all my rocks
that she took care of

IMO, look for something other than a Yellow
(but that's just because I think there are better looking tangs available)