Downsized to an Edge 22


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I had to break down my 75g due to inability to care for it with a busy schedule! I hung on in the hobby and decided to buy an edge tank! So far I like it except the lighting is bunk! I bought a marine land led light to supliment but I know an upgrade is going to come! The lights are to white and I prefer a blue look!
Just some zoos but will stock eventually with mostly ricordia


Any led suggestions for an upgrade DIY project?


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I hear ya. I'm hoping to score some on my local pet store round later next week. Fingers crossed. If not, then I'll have to order :( I hate paying shipping.....


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I just built some LEDs for my edge. The LEDs I got from, all solderless, 2 XTE 3 ups, 2 hyper violets, 1 XTE royal blue, and 1 ocean coral white. I'm thinking about doing 1 or 2 more royal blues, not sure yet though. I'm using a meanwell 700ma from I got the thermal adhesive and heatsink from clay-boa also. Because it was solderless it was very easy to make. All together it was around $80

This is without the ocean coral white


The heatsink was cut to 7" from the 4" wide bulk that clay-boa sells. It fits perfectly in the stock hood. It gets kinda hot so I'm still debating on getting a small fan.


The color in this pic is pretty accurate, that's why I think I might add another blue.


Not sure why it replaced the vendor with clay boa but that is not where I got it from, pm me if you want to know.