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I purchased a 28 gallon JBJ 150 watt HQI nano cube w/ stand for 450 dollars. I received a 24 gallon with 2x 36 watt compact fluorescents, and didn't realize the mix up until a few months later when I finally opened it up and added in live sand and water. The retail of what I received is around 250 dollars, but I see nothing on Dr F&S.com about this sort of a situation.

Anyone think it'd be possible for me to be reimbursed the difference? I'm pretty mad as is...I was really hoping for a big upgrade from my 14g cube.

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call them and see what they say. u can always dispute charges with credit card company and send the whole thing back.(may even work with F&S if u tell them u will dispute credit card charges). i hope it works for u. they can also send u an upgrade kit to HQI.


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Seriously, you just joined with this name to make this post:confused:??? This is a community for folks that contribute to each other, not a site that blackmails good companies.

Adios loser.
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