Drilling a tank in the cold?


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I need to drill my new tank for a over flow does anyone know if temp of the glass matters it's only been in the 50s here in michigan and I want to do it outside


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I think you would be alright, typically the problem with drilling glass is it gets too hot. Thats why you water cool the bit


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Its not the hot or the cold that really matters (to an extent obviously, extreme heat melts, extreme cold makes even metal brittle), its a large rapid change thats really bad. I doubt you will get those kinds of temperatures if you drill properly with cooling even if its a little chilly outside.

Drilling dry till its good and hot then throwing ice water on it would probably be pretty spectacular though...


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I did one last night... about 42. I do them outside and constantly run the hose over the hole to keep it a constant temp and to get the glass dust out. I go pretty fast, but it won't heat up with the water running.