Due to Circumstances


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Due to circumstances beyond my control I must sell my 150 reef tank. The setup is only 15months old and filled with over 43 corals[SPS, LPS, and softies includes 2 superman encrusting corals, brain, cabbage and leathers]. The tank is full of live rock. Listed below are the details. IF you would like pics email me and i will send them.

1. Dimensions of the tank are 72"long, 28inches high, and 18"deep with two overflows into a 30 gal refugium/sump underneath, housed in a solid oak stand that is 3 feet high with raised panel doors. Also in this stand is a pacific coast chiller, circulating pump, auto top-off tank.

2. A six foot aqua-medic light hangs above with three 250 watt MH 15k XM's and four t-5 actinics-39 watt each. Bulbs were all replaced 1 month ago.

3. Inside the tank providing flow are 2 Tunze power heads complete with controller.

4.To provide calcium to the system a Pro-Cal reactor is included, The little giant pump on this reactor will have to be replaced as it quit just 3 nights ago. This reactor includes a 2ft co2 tank, and auto shutoff if the electricity should go off.

5.The system includes a 5 foot tall skimmer I built off the the snailmans plans on reef central. This is an awesome skimmer and includes the air pump and supply pump .

6. A 75gpd 4 canister rodi unit and storage tank is included.

7. The livestock includes:
a. Sailfin Tang
b. Clown Tang
c. Mandarin
d. 7 blue chromis
e. 2 cleaner shrimp
f. 2 peppermint shrimp
g. over 40 corals as mentioned above.
h. Tank full of live rock .
All the system above is 15 months old or less with the exception of the calcium reactor That was used when I got it and as I said the pump will have to be replaced.

I live in Sapulpa, Ok. and have enjoyed this hobby very much over the years. This system is going to make someone very happy as I am going to sell the entire package for $2500 with the only stipulation it has to be picked up in the next 30 days. You may call me at 918-321-5491. IF I have to I will try to post some pics later but can send pics by email now if you are interested.
My email is rogert@olp.net
If you decide to sell any livestock individually, I would like to have the chromis if they are decent size
If you decide to split it up I would be interested in the shrimp and any snails you might have.
If you do decide to split it, I would be interested in the mandarin, along with a cleaner.

Sorry to hear that you are getting out of the hobby, and good luck!