Durso Standpipe for CS50 Overflow


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What's up everyone,

It's been a while since I have posted a thread here on RC. If I've missed any good threads on building a sweet standpipe for an overflow, then please fill me in! My question is: There is a way to quiet the noise on a CS50 overflow box, right? I was thinking that a Durso Standpipe is the way to go... Anybody have any "fill-in's"?

Thanks as always.
Here is a picture from my old nano, I diy'ed a small Durso into a CPR and it was silent.

Excellent idea! I am going to do that to mine this weekend. I have a 90 with drilled overflows and standpipes in it, but an overflow on my 40 and I never even thought about doing this. Great pic! Any advise since you have done it?
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I know most of these start themselves, will this one?
Yes, the Durso types start themselves.