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I have a 90 gallon reef tank with a coral beuty angel fish, can I add a bicolor angel without the two killing each other?

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Personally, I wouldn't risk it. Had they both been introduced at the same time, you might have a chance of it working out but I think you'd see a lot of aggression. In addition, trying to catch one to remove it would be a royal PITA. I also think a bicolor would not be the most reef compatable dwarf angel you could add.


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Have to disagree. Dwarf angels can fight but I have not seen them fight to harshly. Mostly chasing. My CB chases my flame angel around. I had a CB and a Bicolour Angel in a 50g once and they got on better than the CB does with teh Flame. The Bicolour didn't survive - it's not a hardy Dwarf at all. I haven't heard of many success stories of keeping them alive for long periods of time. Shame, awesome fish.


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my coral beauty and bicolor get along great with each other and 3 other drawf angels but my disclaimer here is my tank is aprox 215g 6x2


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90 Gallon might be ok, I'd prefer to do that with a 100 or bigger. Still, many people have Flames & Coral beauties together in 90 or 75 gal tanks. Just watch 'em closely & be prepared to seperate if needed.
I'd love to have 2 Centropyge sp. in a tank..



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I don't recommend it if you want a really harmonious tank, I have a flame a coral beauty in one of my 90's and they are ok but the flame chases the CB sometimes and it freaks the other fish out.


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Mixing Centropyge angels of different species is always a risk. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. Adding them at the same time or a big variation in size (like adding a much bigger specimen) or a larger tank is sometimes helpful, but not always.

FWIW, the Coral Beauty is a much sturdier fish. Bicolors are pretty delicate...


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My CB is nasty. It tries to dominate all of the other fish & I have a 220.

I guess iam lucky because i have the following draw/pygmy angels with no agression

Coral Beauty
1/2 black

and they were all added one at a time over a 1 1/2 year time frame in the order listed above into a 215g 6x2 FOWLR tank