Early Hair Algae


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I am starting to get a pretty good hair algae problem in my tank. This is the fourth or so month of having it set up and I don't really know how to get rid of it. I went back and researched the articles on hair algae it seems like it is a very frusterating problem. The one difference about my hair algae though is I do not have any corals or fish in the tank yet. Is there a way I can kill the HA easier because it won't be affecting any of this? Also I eventually want it to be a coral tank but first want to completely get rid of HA so would be willing to put in fish (and sell later) that would hurt corals if it helps get rid of it. Thanks Michael

P.S. The HA is very long and has gone untouched as didn't want to do anything wrong at first. It has exploded in tank and probably has control of about 75-80% or the rock surfaces.


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I had the same problem with my wife's tank. It's been set up now for about two months with no livestock, other than some snails, hermits and two Peppermint Shrimp. I did regular water changes with no success and finally decided to keep the lights off for a week. The HA slowly died off and now I'm turning the lights back on for six hours a day to see if it will grow back. So far, it has not. Good luck.


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New tanks go though the GHA phase, it is frustrating but all tanks go though it.
Pull what you can by hand. Mexican Turbo Snails are an excellent GHA eaters, get a few :) as ERICinFL said, limit your photoperiod too.

- what are your nitrates/phosphates?
- are you using RO/DI or tap water?
- what filtration methods are you using?


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If you don't have any fish or corals then you really don't even need the lights on at all. Get some turbos and keep the lights off as much as possible. That should put a stop to its growth and hopefully eliminate any remainng bits of it.