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Hey been on here for years not much of a poster but I definitely benefit from all the post of others. One of the first place I go to look for advice, But I felt I have to post about my experience with Ecotech Marine. Long time fan of their stuff multiple mp40s radions and L1-2. This all started when my back up L1 controller and power supply Burned up. It was a few years old so I knew it was out of warranty but shipped it back to Ecotech Marine anyway and they confirmed. Offered to sale me a new controller and a new Power pack for 160 which I agreed. After receiving them and hooking them up the unit lasted an all of six days and started giving error codes. Contact the eco-tech to let them know and they said I would have to ship back the item for them to inspect understandable. But by now with all the holiday shipping it was over a month and a half of time mostly spent shipping back-and-forth so my question was does my warranty extend the extra month and a half because we all know that Murphy's Law something will act up just after the warranty is over so I didn't want to lose that month and a half of not being able to use the unit. They informed me that the warranty will stay for the date that was purchased. So I figured it might be time to explore other options for my return pump and asked to be refunded the purchase price of the unit and I was told that it was within 30 days of receiving the unit and if does not show any water damage they will refund my payment which we agreed. Ship back the control and power pack and waited another 2 1/2 weeks for them to get back to me then i received an email from Chris fernandes stating he was ordering New replacements for the unit. I called and spoke to Chris and explain to him that I did not want it replaced I want my money back and to my surprise he tells me that ecotech does not refund the money they only do warranty work I explain to him that my last conversation with there rep clearly led me to believe that i would be getting a full refund and he's telling me that this is not the case. by this point I already ordered a new return pump for a different manufacturer and installed it and has been working perfectly for few weeks so I have no use for third pump and the replacement pump that I bought was just a few bucks more than what they charged me for the controller and battery pack he expressed to me that under no circumstances are they are going to refund my money even though it was a defective item when they shipped it to me and instead of arguing I explained that I would just take it up with my credit card company and his answer was if I disputed the charge I can no longer have any warranty work done on any of my eco-tech product in the future. if that's how you want to handle it then so be it but I felt I just have to let people know how apparently Ecotech Marine has changed and has become a money hungry company in my opinion


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I don't know of many manufactures that give cash refunds unless they also run an online front store and you bought it from their store. When products are defective within the first 30 days you take them back to the seller for a refund. Your best bet is to just put your items up for sale on a forum or eBay and you should recover 80% of your investment.

Honestly I don't think Ecotech's policies have changed, I just think that you assumed that they would do more. If you had posted this on a forum most people would have to you to go back to the vendor and get a refund. BTW why didn't you tell the guy Chris at Ecotech who in ETM told you that they would give you a refund? Sometimes when a companies employee messes up like that, the company will fulfill the promises that employee made.
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