Enough light?


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I have a 65 gallon tank with a 150 watts 20,000 Ã"šÃ‚ºK HQI pendant. My sandbed is aproximately 4-5" high.
I was wondering if I am able to mantain a crocea or a squamosa clam with this lighting.

Thanks in advance.
Typically, every 2 square feet is what one MH bulb can light up. Is your 65g a cube, or long like a 55g?

How high is the pendant over the water, or better yet, how far does the light have to penetrate to reach the spot you want to put your clam?
My tank is 4' long. I know I need more light but here in my country it is very difficult to get at a reasonable price.
In fish stores they want $1000 dollar for only a 175 MH bulb with ballast !
The pendant is 10" over the water surface. I can place tha clam anywhere below de pendant. I have no corales there for the moment (also difficult to get here and very expensive).

I read in Daniel Knop book that recommended K rating is 5500 to 10K for clams.

I like the 10K over my tank, thought the 20K were to blue.