Enough space for sump?


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I just built the frame using Rocket Engineer's design for my 110 gallon. It measures 60" L x 18" W x 24" .

I have a 90 gallon tank measuring 48" x 18" x 21" that i want to use for a sump. I want all the volume I can get for the sump, plus it will give me space for a good size refugium.

The trouble I see is that once you account for the space underneath lost to the legs. The tank will fit exactly front to back and will only have 6" to spare along the length. I built the stand 39" tall. So I would have 9" above the sump to the bottom of the top frame and 14 1/"2" from the top of the sump to the top of the inside of the stand. The skimmer I'm planning for is 29" tall.

What problems can you forsee with the tight fit? Will this work or am I going to lack the space for something important? Is the extra sump volume worth the space?


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You need to be able to remove the skimmer lid on a regular basis and take the skimmer out of the sump on occasion to service the motor and clean the body. I'm not sure if you have allowed enough overhead space to accomplish that. I like to mount reactors above the sump so when you open them any leakage falls back into the sump, you should have enough room for that. Electronics should be mounted outside the sump compartment to prevent corrosion, you could use a sheet of melamine to divide that last 6" beyond the sump and mount controls on the back side of the melamine. Its nice to have a little room in front of the sump for storage, but that is certainly not required.


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Brought everything together today. I can get the whole skimmer in and out of the sump. Gonna go with it! The bigger refugium is very enticing lol