Equip update


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Ok, update on my tank, let me know what you think, I'm thick skinned so fire away.

What I have now

125 AGA RR dual 1" drains / 3/4" returns
Iwaki 40 RLXT - return pump
Blue line 40 Closed loop recirc pump (or flip with the Iwaki, which one do you guys think is better for said application?)
Aqua C ev 180 skimmer w/rio 3100
100 LBS carib sea reef rock

What I think I need

6 F54T5HO bulbs
ballast for said bulbs
12 t5 end caps
reflectors for bulbs
approx 25 pounds live rock (after I get everything else up)
approx 300 lbs oolitic sand
ro / di system
40 long for sump
titanium heaters (2 x 300w)
light for fuge

what am I forgetting?


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Tkriverman may I ask what the foot print on the 40 long is? I`m thinking of using a 30 long I have for a sump/fuggy for my 75 gal. .


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a 40 long is approx 48 x 13 x 17 (l,w,h)

a 40gal breeder would prob fit under your 75, it would be kinda tight though 36 x 18 x 16

my 125 is 72 long so I figured any size 48 inches long will leave me enough room under the stand for a power center / external pumps / storage etc..