Ever seen a torch with longer tentacles?


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Locally known as "Todd's Torch", this coral has flourished in my 1700 gallon setup.


From the front


Close Up


Top Down shot


Just the tentacles

At full extension I think some of the tentacles are close to 12 inches long if not more. If you look closely you can actually see where some of the tentacles became knotted together, lol.

Gorgeous coral, most popular coral in the tank. Its only about 5 heads now I can't wait to see what it looks like as it matures into a large colony.


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That thing is AWESOME!!! I've never seen a torch like that. Good thing you have a large system cause that thing would do some serious damage in a smaller tank. Great pics!:thumbsup:


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Wait, it that the skeleton for it? Or did you glue it to a dead coco worm tube? :lol:


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Wait, it that the skeleton for it? Or did you glue it to a dead coco worm tube? :lol:

Haha, no. We mounted it on the tip of a piece of tonga branch. The actual skeleton of the coral is around the size of a golfball.


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Thats very cool! Yeah, that would cause some damage in a smaller tank. Good thing you have the 1700 gallons to play with, haha.


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I had a purple torch with green tips get that long of tentacles. I only have a 65g tank though, so once it got to three heads the thing had to go. I remember the knotting though too.


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my torch was that long too when i directed current to it in my 200gal. It stung a few other corals so i move the current away. Your look much better in a huge tank!


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My todds tourch is 5 heads dividing and splitting like crazy. At least 12 mouths that are getting ready to branch out on its own. We are lucky to have such a nice coral in our club. It has a intense green that is so hard to describe. Its always a stand out in every tank i have seen.
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I have one myself it looks to be the exact same except pink tips. Very nice is your a fast growing coral and do you feed yours?


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Pink tips would be sick! For an Lps it seems to be a pretty quick grower. Direct feeding isn't really an option in my tank but I do have cyclopeeze etc in my fish food that I'm sure get grabbed a little by some corals.


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Had to post this pic I took earlier. An iPhone pic so the quality is pretty bad, but check out the one super long tentacle it is sending out. Easily 2 feet long.