Excellent Experiences


New member
I wanted to say thanks to everyone at Premium Aquatics for the great experiences I have had with you so far in getting my tank setup. About a month ago, I had ordered some dry goods from you and had what was by far my best experience yet of the many online vendors. I decided that with my need for live rock, it would be fun to drive down to the shop and see what Premium Aquatics is like while picking up my live rock in person. The shop was really cool, and the customer service was amazing. I didnt catch the name of the guy who helped me (bioligist, slight accent, works only saturdays), but he was very friendly and helped answer all of the questions that I had.

I would recommend that anyone who lives close and has a chance should check out Premium Aquatics, it was a great experience!

Thanks a lot for the effort you put forth!

Bob Dankert