Experiences with starboard in your sps reef

The Saltman

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Hi guys,

I was wondering who uses/has used white starboard for a bottom in their reef tank. I still like a white bottom for my tank, but my sand seems to be giving me a lot of problems with cyano. I only get cyano on the sandbed. I have very high flow in the tank, so I also have problems with sand blowing all over the place sometimes. Im thinking about switching to starboard. I keep a very thin layer of sand, so I wouldnt be losing much in depth of the bed, yet I would still keep the white look. I've never seen a starboard reef picture, so if you have any it would be appreciated. I would also like to know your experiences and opinions of it.


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look into dosing bacteria for your tank, much cheaper than starboard and fixed the problem for me.

zeobac, MB7, and prodibio biodigest are a popular choice.

old salty

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I have a "starboard" bottom and am quite happy with it. It's real function is just to offer a layer of protection between the rock and the bottom glass. It became 80% coralline encrusted within the first six months, so don't expect the white color to last. Once a week, I use a Tunze stream to blow off the rock and the detritus that collects at the bottom (no amount of flow seems to prevent this.) Having a plastic bottom makes this much easier than if I had gone with sand.


Here is a picture of the starboard bottom about four months after it was new.