Extra Frags FS at Meeting


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I've got a couple of frags from redoing my tank that I will be bringing to this months meeting.
I've got two frags of this purple poylp cap.

2"purple poylp cap piece (in pic below) $15
1"purple poylp cap piece (dont have pic) $7

I've also got an extra piece of LE Idaho grap undata (in back of pic above) It's about 1" square $20.
Last I've got this 3" blue tip acro that I got from the fraggin demo a couple of months back (its the lage one in the center) $10
Sure Rich. How about I give you the 2" frag and $30 and I get the encrusting monti. I really appreciate you picking that up and fragging it for me.
You know after about a week under the new T-5's I thought they looked a liitle more blue, but thought it was a change in light spectrum, and yes it does develop a colored rim, but it's pretty light for me.

Karl, thanks for the kind comments. I just got done checking out your new tank on Reefs.org. It's pretty sweet looking. Are you keeping the rockwork the way it is now? I'm really digging these SPS tanks that aren't overloaded with rockwork (I'm still stuck with kind of a rock wall still) that people have been putting together lately.
Thanks, Dave!

Yeah, that'll be the rockwork. The diagonal line of rock runs along the same angle as the bulb. This also allows me to mount coral on both sides as well as the top. I'll than be able to mount coral on the inside of each of the two islands (bommies).

This way, I have plenty of real estate to work with, but am still able to allot swimming space for the tangs.
The other purple poylp cap frag is sold (I should have some more in a couple months as this coral is growing into one of my millis and has to be continually fraged back), so the only thing left is the 3" bule tip acro (it'll go in to the raffel if nobody wants it). Thank you all for looking.