F/S 155g DSA glass aquarium + stand


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I originally intended to ship this tank to my new house, but did some planning and, obviously, decided I need to go bigger for the next tank. So, the tank and stand are going up for sale.

This is the tank from this build thread:

Comes with:

155g 72.5 L x 24.5 W x 21.5 H DSA all-glass tank with central overflow box.
Original stand in good condition (one hinge needs to be replaced because of rust)
Over-the-back closed-loop plumbing
DIY canopy with rails to mount LED lights to (see build thread)

I'll also throw in the box with my previous DIY led system with Typhoon controller, drivers, heatsinks and LED's. This will take some work to get functional again because some of the connectors are corroded and need to be replaced.

Purchase price $2200 (excluding plumbing and LED kit)
Selling it for $500

Local pick-up only.




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