Fauna Marin ReBiotic


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I just purchased ReBiotic. Most of the rock in my 120 is 25 or so years old and I know nutrients are bound in the rock.
A trusted LFS told me it would work wonders in "unbinding"-for lack of a better word-PO and helping with nitrate.
Tough to get exacting instructions but I read to "bypass" or turn off media reactors. Think it would be OK w bio pellets but I run Chemipure and GFO.....wondering if I can discontinue for 6 hours, like they recommend w protein skimmers?
Any feedback out there?

Vinny Kreyling

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While I have no experience here I would discontinue whatever you have . The skimmer you let run without air, the others I would empty just to be on the safe side.


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The Rebiotic works fine, but it’s better to start with 1/2 dose and with a lot of GFO: in the first 2/3 weeks, I’ve noted on many tanks to have a spike of PO4, I think extracted from the old rocks.