Favia bleaching


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I've had a colony for about a year now... and have been seeing it spit out the Zooxanthellae for the last month or so

my params are pretty stable as I have my system tweeked for consistency.

dkh 9.3
temp 79
calcium 380-390
mag 1200-1250

all bad stuff undetectable...

for lighting, I have 6x t-5 directly on the glass which I am confused as to whether or not this is "Bright" or not.

My colony is toward the bottom of the tank and part of it is under the shade of a large torch colony and that section is doing wonderfully... nice and fleshy with good color. The part that is exposed to the most direct light is the part that is spitting out the brown brown Zoo cells, you can almost see through it... I can add a pic if needed.

Last month it was about a year since i replaced bulbs, so i started buying some and replacing them two at a time each week. At first, on an hunch I put more actinic bulbs in than regular to try and lower the PAR and let it go for a couple weeks... it seemed to respond and color up more, but it sacrificed too much of the higher light corals up top. Do you think this is simply a lighting issue? I don't really have anywhere to place this thing where it will get less light...


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Have u added any new corals lately? Have u dip them? I would dip the favia in iodine or revive or TMCC, good luck.