Feather duster lost its feather.


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Well heres the deal. I have a giant feather duster in my tank and last night i noticed the worm was kinda hanging out farther then usuall. This morning i got up and found the feather or crown actually floating around but the worm still alive in the tube. Now i know when they get stressed out they expell there crown/duster, but it also can grow back. I tested my water parameter and to my shock my salinity is sitting at 1.030. Do you guys think this could have caused my FD to do this?. I didnt have time to lower my salinity because i had to go to work. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks. Oh i also noticed my brain Coral lobophyllia's flesh starting to receed. Im thinking this is due to the high salinity?.
probably if thats the only thing that has changed in the tank besides the water being like 300 degrees and ummmmmmmmm
wow ive had mine for about 2 months. Thanks dude. Any other input would be appreciated.
I believe they only shed their heads when stressed so I would think the high salinity would do that.
Slowly reduce it which Im sure you have/will and it will regrow its head within a week or so albeit smaller than before.
Are you feeding the featherduster as they do require doses of phyto about twice a week.
i had a huge hawaiin feather duster and it lost its crown (it was huge at the time) and after a few weeks he started growing a new, small crown. Then it grew until it got bigger than the old one.... maybe a stress thing or molting thing?
I do feed him and my clam phyto but only like once every two weeks. i lowered my salinity to 1.027 last night. Tonight im gona bring it down to 1.025. Oh and any thoughts on the brain coral?.