feeding corals


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When feeding multi head corals such as favia or favites, does the entire colony benefit from the heads that do capture the food? My favia has somewhere around 100 heads and it loves mysis and brine, but only maybe 1/4 capture food at feeding time.



Mr James

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Aren't they individuals as opposed to a colony?? This would mean that each mouth or head is in it for themselves. I used to spot feed (still do, sort of...) by cutting a 2 liter bottle in half and placing over the target corals and then pouring the food in. Now I just dump the food in and hit the FEED button on the Aqua Controller.


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james is correct - target feed each mouth. pipette or turkey baster works well also. agreed that it's more effective if you kill flow in the tank for a few minutes


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I agree, each mouth is in for itself. I use the turkey baster when I feed. I turn off all flow for about 10min while I do this, then I just turn the tank pumps back on for about 30 min, the I turn the sump back on and let it run for about another 30 min before I turn the skimmer back on.


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I wouldnt worry about getting food to every mouth at every feeding. I don't even target feed mine, and they do fine. If its 1/4 each time, then every 4 feedings then everything has gotten something (clearly that's a blatant perversion of statistics, but it works for this example).