Feeding phytoplankton


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Evening guys,
I’m going to start feeding phyto tomorrow when lfs gets his stock
3 questions on this

1. How much to put in 525ltr aquarium
2. Can you target feed a clam
3. Skimmer offf for a bit?

Thanks in advance
You can't OD on phytoplankton. However, there will be nutrient in the fluid. Depends on the nutrients lever in the fluid, you can put too much nutrients waste into the tank.
You can isolate the fluid to the clam and target feed the clam. Take it out to a separate container or put a cup around the clam (like an inverted dome) and add the phytoplankton to this area.
IMO it is a bit of waste of money, unless you raise your own phytoplankton. Too much money for the tiny food you add. These phytoplankton cost more than their weight in platinum when it gets to the corals and clams in your tank. The corals and clams do perfectly fine without this feeding.
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It should not change your chemistry, except for if you add too much nutrients in the fluid that phytoplankton is in. If all you add is phytoplankton (sieves it out and discard all the fluid), it will do nothing to your chemistry.
Often the green water use to feed phytoplankton has a lot of nutrients in it, to grow the green algae. This is what will change the chemistry of your tank. When I raised phytoplankton to raise clown fish, I just filter the phytoplankton and feed that to the tank. and reused the green water.
Then it depends on what is in the bottle other than the phytoplankton. If anything, it may increase both phosphorous and nitrate to your tank.