Filter Sock


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The other day I read someone who said that you could have problems if you don't use filter socks properly. What are those problems, and how do you use it properly (besides the obvious having it on the drain pipe to your sump)?


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Interesting. I have heard they may become nitrate factories if you leave them in too long, but I would think they tend to clog up first before that happens.


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The problems probably refer to the fact that they must be cleaned properly and often. A lot of people get busy, or are lazy and don't do this. Filter socks don't remove detritus from the aquarium, they just collect it in a convenient location for you to remove it.

I usually clean them in the washing machine on their own cycle. If you're daring, you can use bleach and put them on a second cycle to rinse them clean.


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if you leave them on for to long they become a nitrate factory.. but so long as you are not lazy you should be fine...


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I have 4 filter socks and change every other day. I do this so the sock will not get too dirty and I can release the pods it catches before they die. It is not easy releasing the assorted pods because some debris sock catches also gets back into tank as well. I did try no sock, was not as clean. I also tried keeping sock below water line in my sump so the pods could swim out but it kept falling down.