Finally caught the mantis shrimp!!!


In Memoriam
A little story first:

I've been fighting this sucker for almost a year. It's had the pleasure of eating countless numbers of snails and who knows what else. So I decided to go hunting and bought the mantis shrimp trap commonly sold a LFS. I believe it's called the "Xterminator", not sure though.

Many times it went in/out of the trap retrieving whatever foods I will put in there. I went through adjustments several times until I finally gave up.

Just last week I decided to go at it again and set up the trap accordingly and once again missed. Last night I set up the trap once again but guess who got caught in it?

My purple tang (@ 3") stuck half its body in there and got stuck. Good thing I was home and noticed it right away. The only solution to get him out was to break the trap and that I did.

Being real upset at the whole situation, I was now on hot pursuit.

I decided to go a different way and try the water bottle cut in half and the drinking half inverted into the bottom half.

Bam! :p 10 minutes later I had the sucker trapped in there and now you can see a picture of it.


By the way I caught it using silversides.

Now the only question remaining is : Who wants it? Notice this is not the colorful one. It measures about 3".

Let me know as I don't plan to keep it alive for more than a couple of days.

You can email me here
Congrats !! and I'll move this to the mantis forum tomorrow (if I remember) where people interested can contact you.

congrats. I wonder if the bottle would work on a pistol shrimp that's been rearranging my sand?
I was thinking of doing Shish-ka-bob with it...;)

thanks Agu, didn't know we had a Mantis shrimp forum...
He's soooo cute!!!:hmm2:

Welcome to the "I finally caught the little ~%*# " club! Feels great, doesn't it ?!:celeb3: :celeb2: :thumbsup:
As per my post in your other topic, I'm from Boulder. :p

I'm still searching for my own mantis. I have someone in Hawaii trapping for me, but I haven't had any success getting them.
I appreciate everyone who's sent me email wanting the shrimp. Fortunately I found someone locally who will provide a home for it.

To be honest with you guys I kind of felt bad giving it away :sad2:
...I guess you can say I had become attached to it. The irony of life..

Anyways thanks everyone....