Fish for 30g and eats macro not pods?


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Wanted: single fish that would be fine in a 30-long, loves to eat macro, and wouldn't bother the pod population.

Any suggestions?

Some Caulerpa prolifera has a hold on my 30 reef. I've picked and pulled but can never seem to get it all. I employed a couple of Emerald crabs which seems to have helped, but not cured the issue.

I'm re-arranging the rockwork today and using it as another opportunity to clean the rock, and my wife is using tweezers to make sure all the Caulerpa pulled off.

I use the 30 as a reef tank and as a pod nursery that drain-feeds into my 90 - that's why I would want a fish that wouldn't go after all my pods.

Any likely candidates?



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For something that small I would probably try to rely on inverts.

Foxface rabbitfish are the only type of fish I've found that reliably eat all types of macro. I don't think it'll be happy in a 30G though.