fish list for 215


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I am plaining for the build of my 215 gallon tank and I have a list of fish that I would like to get for my reef tank . well here is the list of fish . let me know if there are fish on here that I should not get. I have a 37 up and running but with no fish in it would also like to put a couple fish to put in this tank before I get the 215. I will trasfer the fish from my 37 to the 215 when i get it

1. True Percula Clownfish
2. blue / green Reef Chromis
3. Spotted Cardinalfish
4. flame Cardinal
5. Coral Beauty Angelfish
6. Imperator Angelfish
7. Royal Gramma Basslet
8. Naso Tang
9. Yellow Tang
10. Blue Hippo Tang
11. Copperband Butterflyfish


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There are a couple of questionable choices if it's a reef setup. Angels tend to lunch on corals, although the coral beauty might be ok. I've had good luck with one in a reef, but know others that have not. The butterfly "might" be ok too, and is sometimes not so reef friendly.

Tangs don't seem to like compitition too much and the rule of thumb i've been taught is that no more than 1 of each "type" of tang, the "round ones", like the yellow or purple, and the "oval ones" like the powder blue, naso, clown, etc). if your tank is "long enough" you might be able to get away with pushing this rule a bit, but the naso and hippo do both grow to be rather sizable, so be warned.

Good Luck!


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1.) Make sure you have compatibility issues ironed out. In a tank that size, you'll be OK (I think.) But it's always safe to read up on fish and tankmates.
2.) Introduce all tangs at the same time.
3.) With that many fish, even in a larger tank like that-- make sure you've got things for them to eat and graze at constantly. Tangs love seaweed. Even angels are known to pick at corals and clams when they have nothing else to munch on.
4.) Make sure you've got a good skimmer.


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yes it is going to be a reef tank. I thought that the angels would pick at stuff, just wanted options on some fish. My wife would like to have color full fish. This list is just a draft want to see what people think. also you think there are to many fish for a 215 gallon tank 72 x 24 x 29.


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I think it might be too many "big" fish. There is a lot of color to be had in smaller fish, and the reduced bio load will be good for your corals.