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hey guys i am thinking about buying my friends 55gallon long with lights,tank,stand,filter for 175 which is a hell of a deal. n e ways i have all the equiptment from my 29 which is an aqua c remora protien skimmer oceanic aquamedic 150watt mh,powerheads which are tunze 6025's. all my corals obviously will be transfered to this tank which are mostly softies with some sps. The tank will be softie and lps dominated. currently in my 29 which i have had for almost a year is 3 domino damsels,3 yellow tail damsels, and a flame angel which is the center piece. Obviously the stupid damsels are gonna go but the flame is gonna stay. n e ways heres what im thinking

flame angle
(going to try and find another flame angle to c if they will become a pair lol lets c how that will go)

as for that anyoe else reccomend any othe fish lol sry im mostly into coral but i mean what else can go in a 55 that is a free swimmer and flashy. I was thinking maybe a cooperland butterfly but hard to feed sometimes,ick prone,pick at zoos. idk i dont want any clowns because im not gonna have a nem and i dont think they look natural without one. n e ideas would be great.

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I had a sixline wrasse, two clowns, royal gramma and a small purple tang in my 55 for over a year. They are all in my 375 except the royal gramma...I lost him 3 weeks ago after having him for over 3 years. I would try a wrasse, some clowns, the flame and one or two smaller fish.

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ok so heres what ill do

pair of mated flame angles
1 foxface rabit fish
1 6 line wrasse
carpenters wrasse pair

The foxface will outgrow a 55. I think you'll also have problems with a sixline and the flasher wrasses. The sixline will more than likely harass or even kill the carpenters.


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A kole tang might be a nice addition to that tank. They have much nicer color in person than they get credit for.