Returning reefer, help with stock list


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Hello. I'm slowly resurrecting my tank which was infested with hair algae and I'm getting near the point where I can start adding a few fish.

The tank is 120g 4x2x2. I have 2 mp40 for circulation running in reefcrest at 75%.

I'm not planning on adding much for corals probably just a bta and a monti.

Current inhabitants are...

3 azure damsels that like to squabble amongst themselves, but are fine with others

1 Springeri damsel

1 majestic angel

1 flame hawk fish who is older than dirt, but still going strong.

Fish id like to add...

1 powder blue tang (had one for around 10yrs in this tank)

1 flame angelfish

1 heniochus butterfly

1 benggai Cardinal

1 firefish

1 green chromis

1 Midas blennie

1 royal gramma

2 ocellaris clownfish

Please let me know if you see any red flags in this list. Thanks in advance!
I’m not seeing any huge red flags. The main issue is there’s some, from my experience, more timid fish on the list that may struggle food wise with more competitive eaters (the butterfly and firefish). But not seeing anything as far as fighting, I’d just do the tang last