fish quaratning methods questions so many methods out there

tom g

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its been a while since posting on here and have been doing tonnes and tonnes of reading . so i am doing a complete restart and want to hit this the right way . i want to begin qt right off the hop ,im curious as what the prefered methods are to be succesful , using copper compltely freaks me out as i have never done it .so what i am curious is what is the way that most of u do it , from when u purchase a fish ,assuming i purchase a fish from a lfs , of course he would look healthy and colorful .when i get him where do u guys and gals start . my qt system that i have avail is 2 10 gal aquariums a 15 and a 20 gallon tank . pails and clear plastic binns that are prob 2.5 gallons . from what i see most put into a tank and observe the fish how long is your observation period after eating and swimming fine what do u guys and gals do next is it straight to copper ,i have copper and a cp. and antibiotics as i dont know what i should have on hand .. but i will be honest we are in canada and they have panned all fish meds at lfs and off the shelf . only way to get them is from the states if i could find someone to order and get anything or seeing a vet for a script which i am sure will be a costly venture.unless i can find someone who would ship to toronto ....

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Humblefish has a website dedicated for this.
I use the Tank Transfer method exclusively with great success. I actually use 5 gallon buckets and a couple of good air pumps. I draw water from my tank (I plumbed a drain with a valve for this) and switch buckets every 2 days. I use water conditioners to control Ammonia and only feed on the days that i change buckets. You can still get Copper Power in Canada - kinda expensive if you go that route.