Fish to add after Ich


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I had an outbreak of Ich that took out several fish. The last fish that died was about a week ago and I have a yellow and blue tang and 6 line wrasse that seem to be fine. I did a 2 week treatment with kick Ich and turned the tank temp up to 82 degrees. I am looking to add percula clowns, a dwarf angel, dotty back, and watchman goby. what is the best way to start to add new fish after an outbreak?


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I'd hold off on the angel because they're more ich-prone than the goby. And I would seriously counsel against the dottyback: they're real problems with aggression and very, very difficult to catch. The clowns are probably ok, goby more so. Fish that live close to the sand are generally slime-heavy and well defended. Tangs are more midwater fishes.


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You probably still have ich. Kick Ich is advertised to kill ich in it’s free swimming (theront) stage, and raising temperature will speed up their life cycle. However it will not kill the other two stages (trophont and tomont).

So, you can choose to eliminate ich by removing fish from the display tank (and treating them for ich) and leaving your tank fallow for 70+ days. Or, you can choose to manage ich with: products like Kick Ich, managing stress, etc.

I agree with Sk8r. Bottom dwellers are better to start with due to their heavier slime layer.