Flounder with Goby and Crabs


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I just got back from the LFS and they said I wouldn't have an issue with the new flounder with my existing tank fish. Main ones I'm concerned about is a sand sifting goby and a couple crabs that I have. The crabs are small, about 1/2 inch and the goby is 6 inches.



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I had a flounder with goby and no issues. But the goby was pretty good size so the flounder couldn't eat him.

Feeding a flounder small feeder fish is very fun to watch!

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Yep, everything on shrimp and fish that fits its mouth will end up in its stomach.
Also, flounders are ambush or sit-and-wait predators, so fish will not be able to learn to stay away from it.

Plus they get large and require tanks with a large footprint and an appropriately sized sand zone with fine sand.

I kept some babies of North Atlantic flounders that I caught on the North Sea as bycatch. They are fun for a while, but usually, all you see of them are the eyes that peek out of the sand.