For Sale 72 bow front set up


Krazy Member
OK, I'm putting this out now but you can't have it till may 15 when I'm taking the tank down but I want to give people heads up now because aquariums require planning as you all know
It's a 72 bowfront pine with stand, about two years old, in great shape and I will even clean it make it look brand new cause i like the smell of white vinegar :)
Comes with a good working overflow box and airlifter. A 29 gallon sump. I have a via aqua return pump thats in decent condition.
An Aqua C remora protein skimmer(the larger one), about 8 months old and a mag 5 that is a week old but it'd be 2 months old by then. I have a new glass top for the bow front also. Comes with a mag float scraper too. I have a black/blue backround also and most likey more stuff around that i will just give you cause im awesome like that.
All this for $500 OBO. I'll give you a 10 gallon for free too. If your interested pm me and your more than welcome to stop by and check everything out on a weekend. I have pictures somewhere but i personally find it better to see things in person when im buying used things and I'd assume most of you are the same.