For Sale - East Mesa - Tank, sump, ATO's Frag Racks and MORE


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UPDATE - I found a few bulkheads, pipes, and lock nozzle pieces and a lid for the sump I have thrown into sweeten the pot.
$50 for all of it.
I am wanting to set up a small (5.5 gallon) freshwater tank. I need to buy a 5.5 gallon tank which The Pet Shop has. But...I need cash. To try and get some I am seeing if anyone is interested in buying this set up. It's a 10 gallon tank that is drilled, a 2.5 gallon mini sump, a Tunze skimmer (the mini skimmer with the magnet attachment), a heater, and an InTank media holder. I am at Ray and Signal Butte. As I go though my stuff I might find a few other things to throw in. Again, the goal is just to get what I need to set up the little FW tank.

For sale, more stuff to fund my new little tank. $50 if you buy it all or break down below. I live in east Mesa near Signal Butte and Ray.
1 ATO Tunze light version (Still has original Tunze bottom feed pump) - $30
1 ATO Can't recall brand. Uses your own pump (not included) - $5
1 Sump light - was for a BioCube. Very bright. Light goes on outside, magnet goes on inside, holds in place. - $10
3 Eshopps frag racks - $20 for all 3
1. Long rack
1. corner racks (one magnet missing)
1. Still have the acrylic frag plugs plus a few frag disks to go with.