For Sale EuroReef CS6-1


Reefer Who needs Help!!!
So it's OFFICAL I have a new Bubble Magnus Nac H7 running on the system now and I have a skimmer for sale. It's in a vinegar bath for a few days but it's basicly perfect condition. I keep my equipment very clean.

What you get
EuroReef CS6-1 with Dolphin pump. Original EuroReef pumps $150.00

Skimmer with Bubble Blaster HY1000 pump. Body needs to be raised to use this pump. $200.00

Skimmer Body only $100.00

Bubble Blaster pump only $100.00 less then 8 months old. Perfect and under warranty. Bought at Your Reef.

Complete package with both pumps $225.00

Shipped at buyers actual expense. Boxed and shipped UPS or FedEx only.

For those of you that know EuroReef this was there premier skimmer and almost a custom model. New these were $499.00. They last for ever and skim with the best of them. I only changed due to sump space and need for better cleaning. My sump is a little small.

Live Rock/Marco a rock/Real Reef Rock. custom sculpture for me 93 cube. Like the ones from JesterSixx
Kessil pendent
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