Moving Tank Breakdown Fast Sale


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Hey All,
I'm breaking down my tank for a big move in the coming month and will be selling the tank, equipment + livestock.
It is a custom ~90-100 gallon tank built by Bob and Karen at Exotic Aquariums and has been rock solid since. I will be selling the system as is and will be open to all offers.

System Specs:
Standard Glass
Left corner Overflow with 3 bulkheads going to the back of the aquarium
Custom built stand (built by me)
Trigger System Sapphire 39 Sump


Here is a picture of the tank back in 2021. It is not that populated these days due to life and job.

Equipment for sale:

Aquarium + Stand + sump – 600$
Tank + stand – 350$
Trigger System Sapphire 39 Sump – 350$
ATI sunpower 48” 6x54 fixture w/ 1 Reef Brite XHO Actinic LED – 250$
Reef octopus 150INT Skimmer 100$
Tunze osmolator 3155 ATO – 150$
MP40wQD 2x - 200$ each
BRS Carbon reactor - 25$

Livestock for sale:

Powder Blue Tang - 80$
Mated ocellaris clownfish pair (Normal) - 20$
Royal Gramma - 10$
Flame angel - 40$
Bicolor blenny - 25$
Yellow Coris wrasse - 25$
Mccullochi Dottyback (Australian) - 250$

Chunk of BC Hyperberry Mini colony- 70$
BC Wonder Woman Table XL frag- 60$
CC Hellboy Large Frag - 60$
Standard Hammer Coral (1-3 heads Haven't checked) - 30$
Red/Blue Blastomussa ~6" across - 80$
Rastas ~6 polyps - 20$
Colony of Sunny D's - I will have to remove these from the rock price TBA but its over 50-100 polyps
Red Bubble Tip Anemone 2x - 40$ each

If you buy all of the SPS I'll do 150$ for them and throw in some other SPS frags that I cannot ID, but got from Battle Corals back in the days.
All the fish are voracious eaters and none of them have bothered any of my corals especially the flame angel. They are all quite fat and extremely active.
Rock is not for sale. All prices are as is or best offer. I want to move this as soon as possible since I will be moving in the coming month.
Feel free to message me here if you have any questions or need any specific pictures!

It has been a blast being a part of FMAS and learning about this hobby for almost 14 years. I will miss this club a lot!