For Sale GHL Equipment


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I have a GHL Profilux Mega Set in black for sale. Includes the Profilux Unit, Power Bar(5.1), Conductivity(atlas scientific), ORP, pH(pinpoint) and Temperature Probes.

Also included:
(1) Null plug for REDOX probe calibration
(3) Profilux Float Switches
(1)Optical Sensor
(1) Profilux Leak Interface
(2) Profilux Leak Sensor
(2) Profilux Level Sensor Splitter Cable
(1) STDL4-4 Powerbar
(1) ADIN Card Installed
(1)Extra PLM4-Level Card installed
(1)Power cut adapter
(1) Level Sensor Holder
(2)Level Sensor Fasteners
GHL Propeller Breeze 3 4 fans black
Propeller Control for fan

KH Director/Doser $500 (extra reagent brand new) PH probe 4 months old.