For Sale - JBJ HQI Nano Setup (Complete)


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I haven't been on reefcentral in quite a while but have had a reef tank up and running for about 10 years now (started with a 100 gal and downsized to the current 28gal several years ago).

Lots going on with life and figured now is the time to sell. I'd really like to sell the system as a whole. That said I know I'll lose a lot of money versus parting it out but it's really a nice system and I'd like to just do the whole sell in a day.

So here goes:

28 gal Nanocustoms System with Stand*
150 W HQI Bulb (currently using 14K phoneix bulb)
36 W PC Compact (currently using 50/50 bulbs)
LED Moonlights
*Tank is not perfect as there are some scratches, Stand has some rust damage on the inside of the hinges (not really visible from the outside) + some rush inside the hood where the screws are

AquaC Remora Pro Protein Skimmer + brand new Maxijet 1200
2 Maxijet 1200 return pumps with Wavemaker
Coralife Digital Timer
JBJ Auto-top-off Unit with Working Pump and Kalk container
AZOO Fan that sits on the back of tank
2 Koralia powerheds (in tank)
1 Taam Seio pump (in tank)

All my misc supplies - food, reef chemicals, cleaners, scrapers, hydrometer, extra salt, syphon, buckets, carbon, small UV filter (used peridically to scrub water), etc.

Sand bed (.5-2 inch deep)
Live Rock (see pics, not really sure how much in lbs)

Pink branching montipora frag
Lavendar branching montipora (quick grower, fairly large)
Scroll coral (fairly large)
Purple ribbon gorgonian (hardy - had for almost 10 years)
Green star polyps
Blue striped mushrooms
Assorted zoas (green, orange, red, yellow)

Mated pair of ocellaris clownfish
Coral Beauty Angelfish
Yellow clown goby (favorite fish ever, had for proabably 7yrs or so)
2 Skunk Cleaner Shrimp
approx. 10 assorted snails - turbo, giant nassarius, astrea
Pom pom crab (hard to find but I see him every few weeks at night)

If I add it all up separately I've got over $1200 easy. That said - I know most people don't have $1200 setting around (and not everything is new anymore either), plus as I said before I want everything to go together if possible.

Asking $750 OBO (will consider any reasonable offer)

P.S. While PMs are fine email to is better for mePom pom crab (hard to find but I see him every few weeks at night)


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And for some reason I can't get the pics to load...(even though they are all formatted to the correct size). I can't even get the links to my photo site to me and I can send them to you or I will keep working on it.


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Really need to sell so lowering to $600 OBO. I hate to tear down over Christmas but I may have to if I can't find a buyer :(.


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I've only been in SW world for about a year but, that WAY TO MUCH $$$.
If you really want to sale I would try half price.


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Actually $600 is what I paid for the bare tank & lights so $600 for everything is approx 1/2 price. But I am willing to consider any reasonable offer if someone would take everything, hence the OBO.