FOWLR and mushrooms?


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Are mushrooms easy to keep? Do they need to be fed? What are some good fish to keep w/ mushrooms? Are they easily spread?


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Mushrooms are one of the easiest to keep and most ate relatively cheap. Any reef safe fish would be ok to keep with them and they are easy to propagate.


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Some fish that are not reef safe with sps, lps and clams are safe with softies---and if anything can outgrow a predatory fish's nibbling, it would be mushrooms. Discosomas, blues, greens, purples, neglectas, and browns, are all hardy enough to stand a cycle.
Brown/green buttons are also in this class. If you want a hardy tank, just put in a few of those and keep them expanded and happy: they are as good as a living test kit, and they ARE living filters, so they will sop up some of the nutrients as well and keep a healthier tank. Any time you walk in and find your mushrooms shriveled up, you need to run a water test and fix things---so they're also a way to keep your fish happy. Hit and hold the params in my sig and you will be hip deep in mushrooms.