Frag Shipping and RTN


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Hey all,

I live out in the middle of no where west texas so I have to ship most of my supplies, including SPS frags to myself in order to get the stuff I like. I have noticed that when getting an order of SPS frags, I will always lose a few to RTN in the first week after I get them. It is usually a small percentage of the order (less than 25% usually) but I have noticed this in ever order of SPS frags I have recieved from multiple vendors. It also dosnt seem to matter if the frag is encrusted or fresh cut, I have lost both types.

Is this normal or is there something else I could be doing to help reduce RTN in these new frags?


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are you leaving them on the bottom of the tank for a little while(light acclimation)? I'm in Texas as well and though I have had some RTN it should not be a consistent problem, even in the middle of summer.