Fragging Acan?


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I have a acan Lord that is half attatched to the rock and the other half is not. Now can I cut the half that is not on the rock and glues it to another rock? Without having any problem


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well they are pretty simple and hardy corals that are ideal for fragging. all i do is cut through any skeleton with a dremel and then make a clean cut with a razor through the remaining flesh. anyway you do it you really cant go wrong. thier super durable and will bounce back quickly in a mature tank


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I've found that the best way is to trim enough of the rock underneath the polyps so that you can get a nice deep cut from the bottom with a dremel diamond wheel. Then you just stick a screwdriver in the cut and twist. It breaks right alond the cut line and instead of zipping through the flesh of the acan you just slowing pull it apart at the cut. This way they heal much faster and it is a lot less stressful overall.